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Creating a Marketing Message

Having a core marketing message is necessary to communicate with potential clients. It goes beyond simply stating what your company is about. It makes it easier for you to talk about your business by making it clear what you are trying to accomplish. This message will help customers remember and spread the word about your business. At Cherished Investments, we begin by assessing our clients' current operations and creating a plan for improving their efficiency with SMART goals. Then, we create an action plan with the end in mind.

Why is a Core Marketing Message Necessary?

An integrated marketing message encompasses your entire marketing message, such as your target audience, their problems or needs, and possible solutions to upcoming challenges. Integrating your solutions into a cohesive marketing message demonstrates credibility. Your expertise proves you have the necessary skills for delivering satisfactory solutions.

If you do not have a Core Marketing Message in place, it's much harder to respond to the question, "So what does your business do?". Small businesses need to utilize memorable marketing since small firms face stiff competition. Clients tend to get overwhelmed with various core marketing messages. Most clients are aware that it is not worth spending time on messages that do not speak directly to them: briefly, clearly, and uniquely.

Understanding the Core Marketing Message.

When creating a core marketing message for your business, you have to consider several topics.

  • Target prospects. There is a need to understand and present your company's audience, place of business, and type of company you serve. Is it a small business or a large corporation?

  • Benefits. To make your marketing strategies effective, you must evaluate your audience's significant problems. How will your company resolve its issues, and what benefits will you offer to your market?

  • The solution. Prepare a detailed plan for problem-solving that explains your company's responsibilities.

  • What results will you be looking forward to? First, your business should be result-oriented. When explaining your business' primary purpose, make sure you emphasize and elaborate on the possible results your clients are to expect.

  • Proof. To verify your claims, provide references and testimonials from previous customers who have reaped the benefits of your service. Many business owners love to hear successful business stories about people you have helped.

Having created a meaningful and purposeful marketing message, you should incorporate it into your other marketing materials, such as articles, white papers, and press releases. If you have a website, it would be helpful to incorporate the marketing message there as well.

Examine your sales presentations by finding a consistent theme that is communicated in all your marketing materials. The message your business is sending to your clients has to be clear, simple, and creative for them to understand it. They don't need to wonder why you are in business.


The tips above will help you develop a core marketing message that is memorable and powerful. The essence of your marketing message must be short and precise. Lastly, it should also specify what you offer, your target market, and how you can meet their needs.


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