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Investing in a future to be Cherished!

Make your dreams as an entrepreneur a reality.

My name is LaShay LaRue, and I am the founder and owner of Cherished Investments, a business development, and marketing agency. As a student at the University of Texas (Hook ‘em horns!), I decided real estate would be a needed addition to my financial freedom journey.


I spent years learning from one of the country's largest real estate investment educational companies, Lifestyles Unlimited, INC, as their top-performing Vendor Program Director. The experience I gained gave me a better understanding of the best practices to improve operations efficiency and how to market small businesses profitably. I have spent over a decade taking these lessons and applying them to service-based companies.

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"Any business can be successful with the right goals and the right team"- 

LaShay LaRue

To date, I have helped over 250 companies grow their audience and develop a clear brand identity. If you feel that your business is not where it should be, and you are not making the income you deserver, I would like to invite you to schedule a discovery call with me.


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