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You deserve more...

You've landed here because you want more. More leads. More conversions. More growth. Right? I know the feeling. I've been there, and so have countless others. The good news? You're in the right place.


My name is LaShay LaRue - a devoted business coach and your soon-to-be guide on this journey of attracting your ideal clients. I know the rocky roads of entrepreneurship well, the peaks of triumph, and the valleys of trials. I've tasted the bitter pill of stalled growth, and I've felt the exhilaration of signing multiple clients in a week.


Why did I create this challenge? The catalyst was my journey. I was tired of the feast or famine cycle of being a business owner. At times I would have more clients than I could manage, but other times I spent nights wondering if I would be able to cover all of my expences for the month. 


I knew it had to be a better way. My journey was  filled with discoveries and lessons that shifted my business narrative from stagnation to extraordinary growth. I saw a dream morph into reality as my email list expanded, traffic skyrocketed, and conversions multiplied.


I struck gold with a few simple but effective strategies and techniques that revolutionized my business. Yet, as I held this treasure, I realized its true worth lies in sharing, in igniting a spark of transformation in businesses like yours.

Hence, the creation of the 30-Day List Building Challenge. It's not just a program but a carefully curated road map to increasing your marketing activities and creating consistent growth for your business. This is an opportunity to confront your challenges, cultivate powerful digital marketing skills, and awaken a mindset that thrives on growth - a mindset that will fuel your business journey far beyond these 30 days.


Are you ready to turn the page and begin a new chapter in your business story - a chapter brimming with growth, success, and limitless possibilities? Join me in this challenge, and let's write a narrative of explosive success together.

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Fed Up with Low Traffic?

30 days from now, your business will undergo a remarkable transformation. Just imagine; a thriving email list filled with engaged subscribers, your website radiating with activity, and your business flourishing like never before. It may seem like a distant dream, but that's precisely what we're here to achieve together.

How is this possible, you ask? There are no quick paths to sustainable growth. Consistently increasing your activities is the only way to grow your business. This challenge was treated to guide you in the strategic steps you can take to see REAL change. This is not your average program or generic strategy. It's a comprehensive framework crafted with care, backed by years of experience, and fine-tuned to deliver exceptional results.

Throughout these 30 days, we'll dive deep into the art of list building, uncovering powerful techniques like content marketing and proven strategies like Facebook ads that have propelled countless businesses like yours to extraordinary heights. 

But it's not just about theory. I'll guide you through each step, providing the knowledge, support, and accountability you need to succeed. I believe in hands-on learning and tangible results. That's why my List Building Challenge is packed with actionable tasks and practical exercises. I want you to experience the thrill of implementing what you learn and witnessing the tangible growth it brings.


Together, we'll unlock the secrets to attracting and engaging your ideal audience, creating compelling lead magnets, mastering the art of email marketing, and leveraging the power of social media.

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The Obstacles We'll Overcome

Digital marketing can seem like a labyrinth. SEO, content creation, and social media management might seem cryptic now, but they won't for much longer. I'll equip you with a compass and a map, guiding you through the marketing wilderness and turning those ominous roadblocks into stepping stones to success.

30 Days to Unprecedented Growth

By the end of this challenge, you won't be the same if you follow each day of the challenge. You'll have a thriving email list, an engaged audience, and a strong digital marketing strategy to keep the momentum going. More than that, you'll gain the confidence to conquer any marketing challenge that comes your way.

Ready for the Challenge?

Sign up for the 30-Day List Building Challenge. Let's make this a turning point in your entrepreneurial journey. In just 30 days, let's transform your business, your mindset, and your future.

Join the 30-Day List Building Challenge. Here's to your success!

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