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Make your dreams as an entrepreneur a reality.

Our business specialists understand the power of taking action firsthand. Based in the Houston area since 2017, they have seen key executives and their teams make profound breakthroughs that have been immensely impactful on their organizations. Putting everything they have into every project, they don’t rest until their client’s expectations are exceeded.

With the right mentoring and education all your dreams are possible. 


Our Mission

Building a Future to be Cherished

Our goal is to enhance self-employed individuals' ability to sustain themselves in the marketplace by reaching well-defined goals and new heights of development through consulting, coaching, mentoring, and education. We strive to help each client stay passionate about their business, which keeps us passionate about our vision. We believe all companies can be successful once they have the proper toolkit to achieve their goals.

Our Vision

As we move toward our goals, our vision is to create a future worth cherishing for each of our clients. We believe in a world where small businesses have a mutually supportive relationship with their community. 

Grow Your Business

Plan for success with our professional business development solutions!


Strategic Planning

No business can survive without sales, but often entrepreneurs focus on sales and forget the core elements of the business structure that lay the foundation for a successful company. If your business has hit a plateau short of its potential, Cherished Investments can help you take it to the next level with a personalized business development plan. We will help you set SMART goals, define your audience, and get your message right by relying on our professional experience and know-how from over a decade of industry experience.

Services Include:

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