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6 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategy Is Not Working

Social media is supposed to be the definitive content marketing channel solution, right? But many business owners are discovering it’s easier said than done. Here are a few reasons your social media strategy is not working.

1. You’re not advertising. Yes, social media is free, whereas traditional advertising can cost lots of money. But even so, you have to realize that social media engagement with organic posting is inherently weak—people are overly bombarded by the items in their feed. With social media ads, you can target specific users and secure a noticeable spot in the feed, yielding more click-through action.

2. You’re hacking too much. Despite the seductive words of internet gurus and content marketing professionals, there is no get-rich-quick solution to social media content marketing. Building a solid presence takes time, patience, and quality material. You can try all the backend hacks you want, but the social media venues have watchdogs to monitor that activity. If they deem it shady, it will reduce your profile's health score, making it harder for you to market.

3. You’re not interacting. It’s called social media for a reason! Even monolithic mega-giants like Disney and Coca-Cola have social teams that interact with users making comments on their pages and forums. If you’re going to build brand loyalty on a social media platform, you have to interact with your followers by commenting on their posts and pictures and responding to their comments and likes.

4. You’re not using data. There are plenty of programs out there that can help you mine user data, allowing you to refine your target audience better. This type of software can help you understand who interacts with your brand and what demographics are potentially most interested in what you have to offer. Without leveraging that info, you’re kind of just shooting in the dark.

5. You’re not making good content. From pictures to textual posts, what grabs attention on social media is good content. Learn about what will get eyes to stop and click on a link, and if you can’t figure it out, employ someone who can.

6. You’re doing all the work. You heard it right…the best social media marketing comes about when other people market your product or service. Your brand ambassadors can collectively reach out to a wider audience who is already in love with their posts and appreciates their unique style. Moreover, someone else touting your product or service gives it a seal of approval you just can’t fake on your own.


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