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Mapping Your Launch Strategy

Mapping Your Launch Strategy

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Mapping Your Launch Strategy Workbook | Launch Strategy Planner | Building Your Launch List | Launch Action Guide | Launch Strategy Guide


Launching something new for your business? It can be overwhelming. That's why we created this workbook. It's like a friendly guide to help you figure out the launch process step by step. You can use it for any product, service, or course you've got in mind. It's all about understanding what your customers like and how to get them excited. Plus, you can keep track of everything you do so you can see what works best for you. Launching doesn't have to be scary anymore!

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    Ever feel like you're solving a puzzle with missing pieces when trying to crack the code of your launches? That's exactly why this workbook exists. Dedicated pages help you set clear goals, define your audience, and dive into details like funnel steps and upselling strategies. It's all about making your strategy personal and effective, reflecting on your journey as an entrepreneur along the way. Here are some of the pages included: 


    -Launching Goals

    -Crafting your Product Autor Bio

    -Craft Your Founder Story

    -Developing your Brand Story

    -Pre-Launch Promotion

    -Lead Magnet Brainstorm

    -Launch Email Schedule

    -Welcome Email Worksheet

    -Low and HighTicket Funnel Map

    -FAQ Builder

    -Website and Systems  Checklist

    -Launch Partner Outreach

    -Profitability Tracker

    -Podcast Appearance Worksheet

    -Virtual Summit List 

    -Guest Post List

    -Influencer outreach Worksheet

    -Promotions Planner

    -And so much more with over 40 pages. 

    Our Mapping Your Launch Strategy Workbook ensures you can plan and execute your next launch successfully. Say farewell to the stress of marketing and welcome a new era of growth and success for your business. Invest in yourself and grab your copy today to watch your business soar!

    -----------------HOW TO USE-----------------

    Once you purchase this item, you will get access to a link where you can download your file. Please download them and save them to your computer.

    You can print the pages as you need them and add them to a binder to keep track of all of your email marketing planning.  You can also write directly on the PDF using your favorite PDF reader. 


    • What is the Mapping Your Launch Strategy Workbook?

    Answer: It's a comprehensive guide designed to help small business owners plan and execute successful launches. With over 40 pages, it covers everything from setting goals to promotions planning.

    • Who can benefit from this workbook?

    Answer: Any small business owner or entrepreneur looking to launch products, services, or courses effectively and efficiently.

    • How can this workbook help with my online presence?

    Answer: It includes tools like the Website and Systems Checklist and strategies for influencer outreach, guest posts, and podcast appearances.

    • Can I use this workbook for different types of launches?

    Answer: Absolutely! It's versatile and can be adapted for any type of product, service, or course launch

    • .How do I get started with the workbook?

    Answer: Just grab your copy and start from the beginning! It's designed to guide you through each step at your own pace.


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