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The Ultimate Email
Marketing Planner

Transform your email marketing from confusing and inconsistent to laser-focused and high-converting. Let's make your inbox the most profitable part of your business!

If you’ve ever felt like you're throwing emails into a void and hoping for a miracle, you're in the right place. If email marketing's got you scratching your head, I’ve been there too. So, let's get this sorted with a planner I wish I had when starting out. It helps you map out goals and get to know your audience like they're old friends. With sections like 'Ideal Client Stages' and 'Unique Selling Proposition', you'll start crafting messages designed to attract your ideal client.

Dive into a tool designed to be your roadmap in the dynamic landscape of email marketing.

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Unleash Your Email Marketing Potential!

It’s NOT...

...just another generic planner. It's not a collection of vague advice or redundant tips you've heard a thousand times before.

This planner is your tangible action plan, specifically designed with a step-by-step blueprint. Every page is intentional, stemming from years of expert experience in the field, and structured to lead you through the labyrinth of email marketing. It ensures that every email you craft and send isn’t just another drop in the ocean but a beacon, standing out, engaging your audience, and prompting action. It drives real, quantifiable results.

Imagine having a roadmap for your sales strategy, a guide that doesn't just throw around buzzwords but actually helps you dive deep into creating effective funnel steps and mastering the art of upselling. But it doesn't stop there; this planner recognizes the heart and soul of entrepreneurship. It prompts you to introspect, reflect, and realign with your 'why' through the entrepreneurial reflection sections.

And if attracting a larger audience keeps you up at night, fret not. We've dedicated entire sections to spark creativity and help you develop compelling lead magnets. These are not just cool ideas; they are strategic tools curated to resonate with your audience and organically grow your list, ensuring your emails find their way to more inboxes and front of mind attention.

Follow a tested and proven method that breaks down:

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Understanding Your Audience

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Crafting Personalized Messages

Creating a campaigns that follow your customer journey

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Timing It Right

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Tracking & Improving

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The Ultimate Email Marketing Planner made all the difference for my business. I finally feel confident in my email strategy!– Latasha  M.

This planner made me realize what I was missing all along – a genuine connection with my audience.– Justin V.

Hey! I’m LaShay, the creator of the Ultimate Email Marketing Planner

Before anything else, let's clear the air: yes, I've been in the business development game for over a decade, but no, I don't have all the answers. What I do have, though, is a ton of experience, countless stories of trial and error, and a passion for helping small businesses like yours grow. I've witnessed firsthand the hurdles many of you face with email marketing. Heck, I've faced a bunch of them myself!
That's why I decided to condense everything I've learned into this planner. This is a workbook that will allow you to start organizing your ideas, focusing your messaging on attracting your ideal clients, and planning out your campaigns. My hope? That it provides some clarity, saves you from making the mistakes I did, and gets you excited about the potential of your emails.

LaShay LaRue

Business Strategist

Welcome! I provide all the tools, guidance, and support my clients need to succeed in their respective markets. I have helped over  150 companies grow their businesses over the years. Take a look around and explore the various services I offer. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

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This planner is NOT...
...a magic wand. It’s a tool. Your dedication and our planner’s guidance together can make the magic happen.
It's not for...
Those looking for a quick fix without putting in the effort.
It's for...
Determined entrepreneurs ready to roll up their sleeves, engage genuinely with their audience, and elevate their email marketing game.

Ready to join me on this? Get your planner, and let's start crafting emails that don't just get opened but get remembered.

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Grab your planner now and get access to our private Facebook Group the “Small Business Accelerated Success Network” and get even more resources and tips to help you attract your ideal clients and scale your business.
If within 30 days you don’t find value in this planner, we offer a full refund. No questions asked. Your success is our priority.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from other email marketing guides?

Crafted by a business development expert, this isn’t just about planning but about executing with precision.

Do I need any prior email marketing knowledge to use this planner?

Not at all! The planner is designed to guide you from the basics to advanced techniques, ensuring you grasp every aspect of email marketing.

How will this planner help me grow my subscriber list?

With sections dedicated to lead magnets, audience targeting, and opt-in planning, you'll be equipped with strategies to attract and retain subscribers effectively.

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How long does it typically take to start seeing results using this planner?

While results can vary based on individual effort and market factors, many users report seeing a noticeable improvement in their email engagement and conversion rates within a few weeks.

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